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Welcome to your customized Thoughtful Classroom portal! This portal contains specially curated content from the Thoughtful Classroom library aligned to the specific instructional and professional development goals of your district.

Lesson Planning & Teacher Reflection Forms

Use these fillable forms to help you plan more successful lessons and reflect on and refine your practice.

7-Step Directions

Use this form to develop clear, easy-to-follow directions that enable students to work independently.

Questioning in Style

Use this planning form to help you develop questions in all four styles for any lesson.

Reflecting on My Practice

Whenever you use a tool, use this form to look back on your practice and establish plans for improvement.

Student Organizers, Worksheets, & Handouts

By distributing these fillable forms to your students, you can gather powerful formative assessment information and empower students to use tools independently to advance their own learning.

Effort Tracker

A simple way to help students reflect on their work and make the connection between effort and achievement.

Personal Best

Encourage students to reflect on their progress and improve their performance over time.

Hand of Knowledge (Getting to Know You)

A simple and student-friendly way to encourage students to share their interests, talents, and learning preferences.

Best Foot Forward Survey (Getting to Know You)

A ten-question survey to help you learn what motivates your students.

Scavenger Hunt

Make any reading assignment interactive by engaging students in a search (or scavenger hunt) for specific textual information.

Window Notes

Help students become active note-makers by teaching them to collect questions, ideas, and personal reactions—as well as facts.

Thoughtful Classroom Posters

Whether hanging in your classroom or posted to your online classroom, these posters help students internalize important learning skills and habits. You may also have students print smaller versions of these posters for personal reference at home.

Procedural PRO

A simple, three-phrase process that ensures students understand and can apply important classroom procedures.

Check Your Mood at the Door

Identify issues that can affect student learning by having students assess their mood as they enter the classroom each day.

Window Notes

Tap into students’ thoughts, feelings, and natural curiosity as you help them become better note makers.

How to Flex Your Mental Muscles

Nurture dynamic thinkers by teaching them how to think in a variety of ways.

Personal Best

Develop the growth mindset and motivate students by encouraging them to strive for “personal bests.”

How to Reach a Learning GOAL

Help students become self-directed learners who can set goals, self-assess, and monitor their learning progress.