About Us

Our Mission

For over forty years, Silver Strong & Associates has meant the best in training, coaching, and supporting educators. By paying attention to what research and practice tell us about effective instruction and what motivates students, we’ve been able to help hundreds of school districts across the country raise the quality of teaching and learning.

For our team, “It’s All About the Learning.”

Introduction to

The Thoughtful Classroom

In our work with hundreds of school districts, we have found that the most successful schools make five key commitments to their staff and students. Successful schools

1. Build classroom cultures that promote high levels of learning.
2. Help every teacher develop a repertoire of research-based tools and strategies.
3. Make learning personal.
4. Design high-quality instructional units.
5. Practice the CRAFT of Leadership.

Our comprehensive approach to professional development is designed to help every school and district make and support these five commitments. We call this approach to professional development The Thoughtful Classroom.