The First Commitment

Build a Classroom Culture that
Promotes High Levels of Learning

When it comes to student behavior and achievement, the classroom environment that teachers establish makes all the difference. But what makes successful classrooms truly successful? What do highly effective teachers do to promote positive behavior and high levels
of learning all year long?

To answer these questions, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the key research on teacher effectiveness, including the preeminent teacher effectiveness frameworks and a wide range of state and national teaching standards. Then, we worked with hundreds of teachers to convert the research into a simple and practical classroom model. What we discovered is that all successful learning environments rest on Four Cornerstones. Better yet, we discovered that with the right instructional techniques, all teachers can make these Four Cornerstones the organizing principles in their own classrooms.

By committing to setting these Four Cornerstones in place in all of our classrooms, we establish foundations that support active, in-depth learning all year long.

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