The Fifth Commitment

Practice the CRAFT of Leadership

To help the leaders in our partner schools and districts manage and lead the change process, we focus on the CRAFT of Leadership. Synthesized from the work of leading experts on leadership and organizational effectiveness, the CRAFT of Leadership represents five critical growth-enabling capacities that leaders work to build across the system:

COLLABORATION is the capacity to help teachers and leaders exchange ideas, support each other, and work together as a team.

REFLECTION is the capacity to assess student learning and current practices—and to use this assessment data to develop and/or revise instructional plans.

ADAPTATION is the capacity to support teachers as they learn and use research-based strategies to address learning goals and differentiate instruction.

FOCUS is the capacity to develop well-defined improvement goals and to remain focused on achieving them over time.

TRUST is the capacity to establish and maintain a positive culture that promotes the idea that “we’re all in this together.”

By committing to developing our CRAFT, we create a culture of positive support and system-wide improvement.