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Strategic Teacher PLC Guides

Strategic Teacher PLC Guides

Complete professional development resources.

Designed in partnership with more than 75 schools, Strategic Teacher PLC Guides serve as complete professional development resources for a team of teachers (or professional learning community) to learn, plan, and implement an important research-based practice in their classrooms.

Each Strategic Teacher PLC Guide also comes with a classroom poster designed to help students learn a new strategy. Research shows that when students are directly taught the steps in a strategy, their ability to use that strategy independently as a learning tool increases dramatically.

“The book makes creating a PLC approachable and troubleshoots one of the greatest obstacles to educators who attempt to create a PLC: time. The Strategic Teacher PLC Guide does it all for you. It provides clear delineation of the compare-and-contrast process, and I can see myself applying this same systematic approach to other higher-order thinking skills.”

Joni Allison

National Board-Certified ESOL Teacher, Henderson County, NC