From Note Taking to Notemaking: How Making Notes and Summarizing Strengthen Student Learning


By Thoughtful Education Press

Published by Thoughtful Education Press

Note taking vs. notemaking: A difference that makes all the difference.


Making good notes is essential to academic success. Unfortunately, in too many classrooms, notes involve little more than copying what the teacher writes or says. We call this note taking. Notemaking is something else entirely. It is an active process that requires students to identify important details, analyze big ideas, raise questions, explore personal reactions and feelings, and make connections to their prior knowledge and experiences.

From Note Taking to Notemaking will help you change your students’ perceptions of notes while empowering them to master one of the most vital academic skills. Learn how to

  • Get students excited about making notes.
  • Make teaching and learning more active and engaging by integrating simple notemaking tools into your everyday practice.
  • Use notes to improve students’ study skills, reading comprehension, planning and decision- making capacities, and writing skills. 

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