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The Thoughtful Classroom Portfolios

Sometimes, the simplest innovations produce the greatest results.

Designed by a collaborative of teachers, administrators, and trainers, Thoughtful Classroom Portfolios make the important work of bringing high-impact, research-based instructional practices into your school or classroom easier than ever before. Each Thoughtful Classroom Portfolio serves as a complete professional development resource for teachers to learn, plan, and implement a specific “best bet” instructional practice, including direct vocabulary instruction, note taking and summarizing, and classroom questioning.

Each Thoughtful Classroom Portfolio consists of these three components:

  1. A six-panel folder

Created in a handy file-folder format, this folder functions as a quick reference tool for lesson planning and implementation, as well as providing a convenient location to store student work samples for later evaluation.

  1. A Resource Guide

Simple yet comprehensive, the Resource Guide describes the research behind the strategy and clarifies the purpose and goals for using the strategy in the classroom. Also includes worksheets, templates, and sample lessons. Everything your team needs to master the strategy in four self-directed sessions.

  1. A classroom poster

A matching poster for use in the classroom to help students master and make independent use of strategies and techniques.