Instructional leaders are the engine that drives school improvement.

What Do Instructional Leaders Need to Succeed?

We can help. We’ll listen, learn, and collaborate with your team to help you refine your current plan or build from scratch a focused improvement plan that your whole staff can get behind.

We can help. We’ll work with your team to focus in on a manageable set of instructional tools and strategies that support your improvement plan. And we’ll deliver your selected tools and strategies to your entire team via an online professional learning suite. Learn more about our suites at thoughtfulclassroom.com/suites.

We can help. Leading improvement across a school or district is not easy work. Our team of experienced trainers and coaches can help your team build the leadership “know-how” needed to guide school-wide improvement, conduct high-impact staff trainings, and coach and support all teachers.

We can help. With a customized professional learning suite of tools and strategies supporting your work, you’ll never be locked into a program or cookie-cutter solution. As your needs and goals evolve, so can your suite. It’s easy to add new content, new tools and strategies, and new PD resources.

Thoughtful Classroom™ Professional Learning Suites with Coaching

“The best and most cost-effective way to grow instructional leadership capacity.”

What is a Thoughtful Classroom Professional Learning Suite?

Thoughtful Classroom Professional Learning Suites make it easier than ever to improve teaching and learning in classrooms and across schools and districts.

Designed and led by today’s top expert on instruction, Dr. Harvey Silver, along with the Thoughtful Classroom team, each suite focuses your team on important instructional goals and models specific instructional tools and strategies for addressing those goals.

So Many Ways to Fuel Your Learning

Every suite provides your team with a wealth of learning resources to help you improve practice.


Video Tutuorials

Brief and engaging presentations that show you how to use tools and strategies


Key Content Cues

All the critical content from the tutorials in a handy PDF that makes it easy to review and plan


PD Resources & Supplements

Targeted supports, including sample lessons, teacher tips, and classroom video segments

Planning and Reflection Guides

Fillable forms that make planning lessons and reflecting on the results a snap

Classroom Resources

Ready-to-use resources, including student handouts, reproducibles, and classroom posters

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Thoughtful Classroom Professional Learning Suites

TOOLS and Strategies for Active, In-depth Learning
NEW! Promoting Classroom Inquiry

Turn everyday lessons into inquiry-based learning experiences—no matter what content or grade level you teach.


TOOLS and Strategies for Active, In-depth Learning
Improving Reading Comprehension

Equip students with the reading tools and skills they need to make meaning of challenging texts and understand new content deeply.

TOOLS and Strategies for Active, In-depth Learning
Unlocking the Power of Comparative Thinking

Capitalize on the untapped power of comparison: Use it to design better lessons, enhance classroom discussions, nurture creativity, and improve students’ decision making.

TOOLS and Strategies for Active, In-depth Learning
Moving From Note Taking to Note Making

Help your students become active note makers who can process new learning, manage and summarize information, and use their notes to achieve various learning goals.

NEW! Using Feedback to Advance Student Learning

Create a “feedback culture” in your classroom that inspires improvement, leads to deeper learning, and helps all students develop a growth mindset.

NEW! The Five Episodes of Effective Instruction

Make the work of instructional design easier and more effective by addressing five universal goals, or episodes, that define all successful learning sequences.

The Four Cornerstones of Effective Classrooms

Learn the essential elements that characterize all effective classrooms—and use them to promote better student behavior and higher levels of thinking and learning.

Want to Build Your Own Custom Suite?

No problem! We build custom suites for schools and districts all the time. We’re happy to work with you and your team to select a focused set of tools and strategies tied directly to your school improvement goals and priorities.

Check out the available tool and strategy tutorials below.

Building Positive Relationships
  • All for One & One for All
  • Check Your Mood at the Door
  • Community CIRCLE
  • Getting to Know You
  • Interaction in an Instant
  • Say “S” to Resolving Conflicts
Classroom Inquiry
  • Inquiry Frames
  • Mystery
  • Inductive Learning
  • If-Then
  • Yes-No Inquiry
Classroom Management
  • 7-Step Directions
  • Procedural PRO
  • Respectfully Yours
  • Rules to Live & Learn By
  • Student-Friendly Learning Targets
Comparative Thinking
  • Designing Great Comparison Lessons
  • Metaphorical Expression
  • Decision Making
  • Community CIRCLE
  • Forced Choice
  • STAIRS (Principles of Effective Feedback)
  • Glow & Grow
  • What & Why Feedback
  • The “Ps” to Better Work
  • Knee-to-Knee Conference
  • The Five Cs of In-Lesson Feedback
Formative Assessment
  • Clear or Cloudy?
  • Stop, Slow, Go!
  • Questioning in Style
  • Because
  • Graduated Difficulty
Improving Reading Comprehension
  • Power Previewing
  • Mind’s Eye
  • Single-Sentence Summaries
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Reading Stances
  • 4-2-1 Summarize
  • Reading for Meaning
Increasing Engagement
  • Classroom Games
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Effort Tracker
  • Personal Best
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Questioning in Style
Lesson & Unit Design
  • “Five Episodes” Design Framework
  • Essential Questions
  • A Study In . . .
  • Concept Word Walls
Note Making & Summarizing
  • Window Notes
  • Math Notes
  • Interactive Note Making
  • Three Ways of Webbing
  • Split Screen
  • S-O-S Graphic Organizers
  • 4-2-1 Summarize
  • AWESOME Summaries
Nurturing Thinking Skills & Habits
  • 3C Word Walls
  • Because
  • Forced Choice
  • The Power of Pause
  • Power Previewing
Setting Clear Learning Objectives
  • Learning Window
  • Student-Friendly Learning Targets
  • Post-Discuss Reference (PDR)

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