Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works: Ready-to-Use Techniques for Increasing Student Achievement


By Harvey F. Silver, Cheryl Abla, Abigail L. Boutz, Matthew J. Perini

Published by Silver Strong & Associates and McREL International.

The book that unites McREL’s renowned research with the award-winning tools of the Thoughtful Classroom.

Foreword by Robert J. Marzano

This best-selling book features 20 of the most reliable research-based and classroom-proven strategies for teachers of all subjects and grade levels. To ensure that classroom implementation is easy and effective, each strategy contains

  • A brief introduction to the strategy.
  • An example of a teacher using the strategy in the classroom.
  • The research base supporting the strategy and how it benefits students.
  • A list of clear implementation steps.
  • Guidance through the planning process.

Additional tools, variations, and resources for adapting and expanding the use of the strategy.

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January 2018


Silver Strong & Associates; McREL International





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Foreword by Bryan Goodwin

When Robert Marzano and his team published Classroom Instruction That Works in 2001, they gave educators a powerful framework for understanding education research—a framework that answered the question: Which strategies work in the classroom? More recently, a team of researchers at McREL International updated Classroom Instruction That Works, using new research to ensure that the framework and its strategies are truly our “best bets” for raising achievement.

But what many educators are looking for is the how. How do we put the power of the research to work in our classrooms? How do we adapt the generalizations in the research to meet the needs of our students? The answer: “With the right tools.” 

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works gives educators over 50 classroom-ready tools that make it easy to put the research-based recommendations from Classroom Instruction That Works into practice tomorrow. Organized according to the renowned Classroom Instruction That Works framework, this addition to the award-winning Tools for Today’s Educators series is the simplest and most practical way to ensure higher levels of student achievement in every classroom.

Includes classroom-ready tools for

  • Setting objectives and providing feedback
  • Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
  • Cooperative learning
  • Cues, questions, and advance organizers
  • Nonlinguistic representations
  • Summarizing and note taking
  • Assigning homework and providing practice
  • Identifying similarities and differences
  • Generating and testing hypotheses
This book is packed with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Anyone who wants to improve teaching—teacher, coach, administrator, anyone—will find it incredibly useful.
Jim Knight

Author of The Impact Cycle and Better Conversations

This book is an ideal resource for meeting the growing call for ‘best first instruction.’ It is strongly aligned to the Classroom Instruction That Works research base, and it provides high-impact tools that help educators turn the research into powerful classroom practice.
Bj Stone

Co-author, Classroom Instruction That Works (Second Edition)

With the tools in this book, you can develop greater precision and build your instructional repertoire as you learn from research and from the experience of master teachers.
Bryan Goodwin

President and CEO, McREL International