Thoughtful Classroom Online Professional Learning Suites

Professional Learning That Helps Schools Establish a Common Language for Improving Instruction

Our three powerful professional learning suites are based on 45 years experience of helping schools solve problems of practice and raise achievement. The teaching and learning content in the suites is proven to help schools elevate the quality of instruction. Each suite is delivered by Dr. Harvey Silver and the Thoughtful Classroom team, and contains individual modules that allow your team to choose their areas of focus.

Thoughtful Classroom Online Professional Learning Suite

The Four Cornerstones of Effective Learning Environments

When it comes to student behavior and achievement, the classroom environment you establish makes all the difference.

Build and reinforce a successful learning culture with simple, practical tools for

  • Establishing organization, rules, and procedures.
  • Building positive relationships.
  • Increasing engagement and enjoyment.
  • Developing a culture of thinking and learning.

Thoughtful Classroom Online Professional Learning Suite

The Instructional Designer’s Toolbox

On-demand tools and resources for building high-quality learning designs

A powerful new resource for

  • Creating more engaging lessons and units.
  • Transforming standards into student-friendly learning targets.
  • Integrating instruction and assessment into a cohesive design.
  • Solving the most common challenges in learning design using classroom-tested tools.

Thoughtful Classroom Online Professional Learning Suite

Teaching for Deeper Learning

Now, more than ever, is the time for deep learning.

Based on the award-winning ASCD member book,Teaching for Deeper Learning. Explore the seven higher-order thinking skills that are most critical to students’ real-world and academic success. Experience and master practical tools and strategies that make it easy to integrate these skills into current lessons and units:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Note Making and Summarizing
  • Comparison
  • Reading for Understanding
  • Predicting and Hypothesizing
  • Visualizing and Graphic Representation
  • Perspective Taking and Empathizing

Customize Your Own Thoughtful Classroom Online Professional Learning Suite

Let us work with your leadership team to curate a collection of videos, tools, planning guides, and classroom resources designed to meet your unique needs and goals.


Select a targeted set of tools aligned to your school improvement plan


Build a customized library of classroom-proven resources


Add new tools and resources as your goals evolve

Build a Thoughtful Classroom Professional Learning Partnership That Works for Your School

Customized training, coaching, and support delivered in person or virtually

For many schools, establishing a PD partnership with the Thoughtful Classroom is the key to unlocking the full potential of the tools and strategies presented in the suites. Led by renowned instructional expert, Dr. Harvey Silver, our team of coaches, trainers, and consultants work directly with partner schools to help . . .

  • School and district leaders address improvement goals and ensure successful implementation.
  • Instructional leaders increase their capacity to support teachers.
  • Teachers build and refine their repertoire of tools and strategies.

Our Thoughtful Classroom team has been helping schools solve problems of practice and raise achievement for over 45 years. You can count on us to personalize training and coaching so that it works for your teachers and leaders.

“We chose Silver Strong & Associates/Thoughtful Classroom because they were the professional development partners who were best able to ‘meet us where we were.’”

Dr. Donna S. Leak
Superintendent, Community Consolidated School Discrict 168 • Illinois

The Books That Started It All

Explore titles from the award-winning Tools for Today’s Educators Series

Get the powerful and practical tools from our online suites in your hands.

Our award-winning line of Tools books is founded on a recognition that too often goes unstated: teaching is hard work. That’s why we’ve spent well over forty-five years working with educators to turn the best educational research into practical tools—powerful techniques that address common classroom challenges and easily integrate into current lessons and units.