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Thoughtful Classroom Observation Guide for Online Instruction
New for the 2020-2021 school year, this revised framework was designed to meet the high standards of the original Michigan-approved Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework while responding to the new demands of online and hybrid instruction.
How Tools Address Common Home Learning Challenges
Let’s look at how Thoughtful Classroom tools address some of the most common challenges associated with home learning:

  • Students aren’t self-directed enough to work on home learning tasks productively.
  • Students aren’t actively engaging with the content.
  • Students aren’t exploring big ideas or building “big-picture” understanding.

Articles to Help Make Online and Hybrid Learning a Success

3 Strategies for Promoting Deep Learning Virtually

by Matthew J. Perini, Harvey F. Silver, and Jay McTighe

Instructional Shifts to Support Deep Learning

by Jay McTighe & Harvey Silver

Transform Homework into Home Learning

by Harvey Silver & Mathew Perini

Testimonial: Robert Wilson

“I have used the Thoughtful Classroom approach to turn around four different schools with various demographic challenges. The combination of the research and practical tools is a marriage made in heaven.”

Robert Wilson


Cherokee Bluff Middle School • Flowery Branch, Georgia

Testimonial: Casey Vier

“Our adoption and continuing partnership with the Thoughtful Classroom is the single most important element of our school design, facilitating our building a cohesive school culture.”

Casey Vier


Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School • Bronx, NY

Testimonial: Carolyn Tatlow

During the COVID-19 crisis, I have been forced to rethink how I teach. Thoughtful Classroom PD has given me tools that I can use to approach both teaching and learning from a different perspective.

Carolyn Tatlow

Special Education Teacher

Delevan Elementary School • Delevan, NY

Testimonial: Georgia Rhett

“The Thoughtful Classroom PD team has given our staff a common language for building lessons and units that truly engage students—and instructional tools that make it easier for teachers to see what students need and modify instruction accordingly.”

Georgia Rhett

Assistant Superintendent

Arvin Union School District • Arvin, California

Testimonial: Dr. Donna S. Leak

“We chose Silver Strong & Associates/Thoughtful Classroom because they were the professional development partners who were best able to ‘meet us where we were.’”

Dr. Donna S. Leak


Community Consolidated Schools District 168 • Illinois

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